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Why Am I Being Accused of Child Abuse?

Usually, what has occurred before this point is an official report of child abuse—often written by a teacher or another authoritative adult in the child’s life. Following this report, law enforcement quickly visited to assess the situation, and based on their additional report, Child Protective Services got involved. This is the point at which you need effective defense as soon as possible.

We know this is a daunting task ahead of you, primarily when the accusation was based on nothing more than hearsay. Our Los Angeles juvenile attorneys are here to help.

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While some people view an accusation as enough to punish you and your child by establishing a separation, we do not. Not only is assuming you are guilty before a hearing a violation of your constitutional rights, but we know from other examples that accusations are not always found.

You could be accused for the following reasons:

  • The reporting figure mistook a child’s injuries as inflicted by you
  • An ex-spouse planted the accusation in an attempt to achieve custody
  • Your child is angry at you for an unrelated reason and made a false statement
  • An angry friend or family member made a false report out of retaliation
  • A neighbor or friend jumped to conclusions and made the report

Why Hire Fusco & Clarke?

At Fusco & Clarke, we have over 50 years of combined experience and have represented clients in thousands of successful hearings in the Juvenile Dependency system. We recognize that each case and its circumstances are unique. Our Los Angeles juvenile law attorneys will review the details of your case and advise you on how to move forward with your legal action.

The Partner, Scott Clarke, practiced and taught in juvenile dependency court. He represented and defended more than a thousand parents from serious charges of abuse and is considered one of the true talents in the field. Scott has been practicing for over 30 years and has a highly regarded reputation in the legal community as a polished, aggressive litigator who tenaciously represents his clients.

The Partner, Mauricio Fusco, is fluent in three languages and has been a lead consulting attorney for the Mexican consulate for the last ten years. Mauricio brings a unique cultural awareness to his clients, ensuring aggressive and experienced representation and an understanding of our clients' backgrounds and life experiences. With a 24-year reputation in the legal field for always going the extra mile for his clients, Mauricio’s aggressive, no-nonsense style has him at the top of the legal community.

Having to appear in Juvenile Dependency Court as a parent is to prove that you are not guilty of child abuse. The courts hear these cases to make a clear decision regarding whether or not your child is in danger if left in your custody.

Juvenile Dependency proceedings are very specific area of the law. Your representation must be very familiar with Juvenile Dependency court—the procedures and the court system personnel. There are many cases in which negotiations must be made on behalf of the family or the child, in which cases familiarity with court personnel can be beneficial.

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    If you have been reported for child abuse or neglect, Child Protective Services (CPS) have likely taken your children from you. You need legal help immediately if this is your situation. Our legal team at Fusco & Clarke is very experienced in fighting to reunite families that have been separated due to these or other legal situations.

    It’s our job as your Burbank juvenile law attorneys and the courts to make a fair decision on this matter – both for you and your child. We will fight vigorously to show the court that the accusations are not founded in truth and keep your family together. These charges can also constitute a criminal child abuse charge, one that needs to be avoided at all costs.

    Family is of the utmost importance. Ensuring your child has the best opportunities and is protected is usually at the top of any parent’s priorities. At Fusco & Clarke, our family law attorney understands the importance of any legal issue regarding your children and will work to protect your rights and fight for justice on your behalf.

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    • We have successfully helped hundreds of parents in high conflict matters.

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